Why microfiber towel is better for hair?

Do you love your locks? Probably you do! This could seem a common piece of advice to have good care of your hair. But do you really follow such practices to keep them in good condition? Well, you will say “Yes” for sure, but you don’t if you use your regular bath towel to pat dry your strands. Surprised? A regular bath towel cannot absorb more water than a microfiber towel for hairs. That’s why it cannot make your strands properly dried which causes them to break easily. Also, proper cleaning of hairs is needed after each bath to keep them bouncier and shiny. So, here are some reasons to opt for microfiber fabrics for your locks.

Prevent hair damage

Those cotton towels you can usually find hanging in the bathroom are not hair friendly. They are covered in lots of loops containing risk for your damped hair. While using them for drying, they can cause stretching, strain, and unintended damage to wet hairs. Microfiber hair cloths on the contrary has soft surface to deliver better cleaning and drying to hairs. The silky-smooth surface of microfibers can squeeze the water from the scalp due to its high-absorbing properties. Hence, you can dry strands with less fraction causing less risk of damage.

Remove excess moisture

Moisture to hair is important to keep them lustrous and prevents frizziness. But an overload of moisture to hairs can lead to their breakage and split ends. Microfiber hair fabrics are designed to suck up the excess hair moisture as tiny fibers of cloth can dry the scalp faster than cotton towels. After washing hairs, you can wrap them into a towel to keep them drying faster. Thus, you will get bouncier hair without any excess moisture and can flaunt your hairstyle as needed.

Ultra-lightweight and travel friendly

Carrying the damped cotton towels while you are on travel could pose a problem for you. These traditional clothes are hard to dry and can release an odor when not properly dried out. Microfiber cloth for hair is ultrasoft, lightweight, and travel-friendly as they are fast-drying fabrics. They can speedily soak the water from your hair and can dry faster to store in a backpack. You can even keep them placed sturdily by wrapping them up in handy packs. Thus, carrying them while traveling would not be a hassle.

Affordable and flexible

Microfiber towels are flexible as they are available in various sizes ranging from small to big. Also, you can choose them as per your budget range as they are not so expensive to burn your pocket.

To sum up

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