SOFTSPUN Microfiber Chenille & Single-Side Gloves 1700 GSM with Towel 340 GSM, 2 Piece Combo Multicolour, Multi-Purpose Super Absorbent and Perfect Wash Clean with Lint-Scratch Free Car, Dusting!

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SOFTSPUN Car Care Microfiber Cleaning Gloves with Towels Combo Pack

Microfiber Glove and Towels made of 80% polyester and 20% Polyamide (Nylon). This is Perfect for Car cleaning, also useful for Home, Kitchen and furniture. Its ability to gently lifts traps the dirt and grime like a magnet until it’s been washed. Its ultra-soft fine fibres make the cleaning easy like a professional. 

Why SOFTSPUN Microfiber Gloves and Cloth? 

We provide the best quality and true microfiber gloves with 1700 gsm and cloth with 340 gsm thickness. Its ultra-soft, Amazingly absorbent, Demolishes dust & dirt, Easy to clean & dry.

The Microfiber cloths unlike Cotton Cloths

a) Has Affinity To Oil That Allows Oil To Cling Directly To The Fibers.

b) Absorbs 3-4 Times Its Weight Of Water.

c) Uses Only Water To Clean, Needs No Cleaning Agents.

d) Lasts As Much As 500 Washes Much More Than Cotton.

e) Requires Less Water Than Cotton To Wash.

f) Dries 3x Faster Than Cotton.

Useful Tips

1. Wash new cloth before use.

2. Don't wash with other fabrics. 

3. Dry in normal heat.