SOFTSPUN Microfiber Hair Cap, Silk Banded Edge 2 Pcs 70X25cm Brown 380 GSM! Super Absorbent Quick Dry Hair Turban for Drying All kinds of Hair Straight or Curly short or Long Thin or Thick Hair.

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Great Help for facial Shower, Makeup & Face Washing. Can also be used in beauty salons and Spa.


first method

1. Face down, let hair fall down in front and put the wide side over your head.

2. Wrap your hair with the hanging of the cap to absorb water.

3. Pull up the loop across your head and fix it under the secure button.

second method 

1. Raise head and let your hair fall back 

2. Put the wide side over your forehead and their narrow side wrap your hair.

3. Pull up the loop across your head and fix it under the secure button.


Hair Care : Allow the SOFTSPUN hair cap wrap to absorb water from your hair naturally; No need to rub your hair and scalp while using the cap.

Care Instructions: 

Hand or machine wash warm water with mild detergent, tumble dry low temperature. 

Do not use bleach of fabric softener, 

do not iron, and do not dryclean.


Your hair dries more quickly, with less blow drying.

Leaves your hair soft, full & fluffy!

Your head stays warm and cozy as your hair dries.

Men or Women both will love it.

Less blow drying is better for the health and Shine of your hair.

Hair Turban can be used daily.