Being a proud car owner, you probably put effort to keep your vehicle well-cleaned. Though, it is not your compulsion but a responsibility that you should fulfill calmingly. Nevertheless, maintaining vehicle cleanliness, especially 4-wheelers may not be your cup of tea due to a busy schedule. But you can now accomplish this task with an advanced microfiber car clean cloth. Though, this cloth provides you with speedy and effortless cleaning and drying of your car. But the thing is that you should know how to make use of this cloth. So, here is a comprehensive guide for you to oversee.

Choose microfiber for drying your car

Microfibers are the top-rated cleaning cloths for cars designed for auto detailing. This means that they can be used to make your car body dry without leaving scratches and streaks. Apparently, you won’t want to get scratches on your car even if they are tiny in appearance. So, while drying your car with cotton, you could put the paint of your car at risk of damage. But when it comes to microfiber cleaning, you will be able to clean it without compromising the paint and quality of your car’s body.

Make sure to wash the fleet properly

For the spotless shine of your car, you should wash it properly from the beginning. It's better to clean all dirt and debris using a water hose for pressure washing. Once, you have done with the same, apply the splash of a microfiber towel to dry out the body. The soft microfibers will suck up the liquid water and soap gently due to their high absorbent quality. Thus, when the cloth absorbs water, carton the cloth gently over the body of the car to get a spotless finish.

Use a damp microfiber cleaner

Once the washing of your car is completed, you can start cleaning its surface. Soak the cloth in water and then use it to lift the tiny dirt spots that have been left behind. Damp microfiber cleaner will lift the dirt and water simultaneously without scratching. The water-soaked cloth will actually reduce friction between the cloth and the car body. Repeat the same process until you are done with proper cleaning of your car. Rinse the cloth in water to make it clean to use it recurrently.

Use the dry cloth on the car’s body

Now it’s time for the car drying section using a microfiber fabric that is dry. You should apply it on the exterior and interior of your car to lift the small dirt particles for ultimate shine. The fibers of the cloth will suck the dirt to give you a perfect finish. Also, you can apply wax for the interior and exterior for extra shine.

To sum up

Microfiber car clean cloth comes in an extensive assortment for cleaning purposes. Softspun is the best online store offering an extensive array of these cloths. You can order a set of microfiber cleaners online to get doorstep delivery at affordable prices.