What is a high-quality microfiber towel?

Microfiber is considered a high-end cleaning solution for household stuff, automobiles, and kitchen appliances. But do you know that all microfiber cleaners are not the same? They might differ in serving quality of cleaning that ranges from high to low. Hence, while shopping for a microfiber towel, you can’t admit to getting the desired results until you know what it would serve. There are several aspects to consider while you are looking for the same. So, check below what are those factors like and how they can confirm the quality of the towel.

The water absorbency capacity

One prime factor in this context is the water-absorbent properties of the fabric. These cloths are designed to absorb the liquids such as water instead of pushing them toward the surface. A microfiber cloth is more absorbent than cotton cloths thus giving better cleansing of stuff. So, high-end microfibers would certainly soak the water faster than poor-quality fabric. You can conduct this test on your own by placing the towel on a watery surface. If it sucks the water like a vacuum, it is of good quality. On the flip side, if it pushes the water ahead, it’s not of expected quality.

The weight of the towel

This test is actually related to the durability of towels. A good quality cloth with microfibers would have above 300 GSM which is grams per square meter. Also, it would be made with a blend of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. Thus, the superior quality cloth will be able to deliver at least hundreds of washing, cleaning, and drying jobs. You can conduct this test by weighing the towel with a GSM scale. You can visit the official website of microfiber cleaning apparatus providers to check GSM for the cloth you are supposed to purchase.

The softness and feathery touch

A microfiber cleaning cloth will have a soft feel when you grip it in your hand. The soft fibers will give a good hold to your hand and will pick up dust, water, and even bacteria efficiently. But, if the cloth is not giving you a feeling of softness, it will not be of good quality. Also, poor quality of the cloth would not prove delicate to your stuff and automobiles. You can check the softness of the fabric by holding it in your hand. You can try to wipe out some dirt from your hand to take this test.

The stretch test

Hold a piece of fabric in hand and stretch it towards keeping on the side of the sun. If you are able to see the sun through the fabric and its stretches easily, it is not of good quality. It is also important to check if its sidings are sewn properly to prevent fraying.

To sum up

Using a microfiber towel is good to have effortless cleaning of your personal stuff. But quality testing and validation are necessary to make your spending valued. Softspun is the trusted online store for all sorts of microfibers to ensure their validated quality.