The market cap of microfiber cleaning apparatus is improving day by day as more and more people are getting familiar with them. These cleaning fabrics are used for removing dirt and stains from furniture, automobiles, kitchen appliances, etc. Also, they are used as personal care products. A microfiber towel is made from soft fabrics that deliver high-end cleaning without leaving scratches on different surfaces. But, do you know that these clothes are varying in quality which is related to GSM ? If not, look at the following guide to know what is GSM in microfiber cleaners.


GSM (grams per square meter)

What is the meaning of GSM in microfiber towel? - Softspun

The term GSM is mainly referred to the weight of the fabric. Generally, the higher GSM of microfiber cloth is considered to be thicker and more wearing. The GSM rating of microfiber fabric is matched exactly with the weight in grams. Simply put, microfibers with high GSM score weighs more than those with lower GSM. Most often, a GSM score of 350 and more is considered best for these towels. It indicates that the fabric has a greater potential to absorb more liquids. Also, higher GSM will ensure that the fabric is more durable and delivers gentle cleaning action.


Why higher GSM rating is important in microfibers?

GSM measures the density of microfiber towels that designates their absorptivity, pile length, and thickness. These towels are manufactured and designed to clean the stuff that requires extra care. For example, the body of a car needs extra care and attention while drying after washing. Unlike cotton, microfiber can deliver smooth and scratch-free drying of automobiles. It is meant with the idea of detailing to lift even the tiny spots of dirt and water. That’s why the higher GSM score makes the microfiber a lint free cloth for professional cleaning.

Elaborating on the above point further, the GSM range for microfibers could help you determine the high-quality cloth. So, take a look at the below ranges of microfiber GSM scores.


300 to 400 GSM

This indicates a towel that is thinner, coarser, and lightweight. It also has less absorption efficacy to attract dirt and stains.


400 to 600 GSM

These towels stand from medium to higher weight with softness and absorbent features. These towels are good to use for drying hair and can be used as beach towels.


700 to 900 GSM and more

These are the highest quality, heavyweight and soft towels. They can be used for detailing automobiles and other delicate stuff.

Though, the cost range of these towels could vary according to GSM. So, you can consider this rating while shopping for microfiber fabrics.


To sum up

A microfiber towel is a great solution to have effortless cleaning of households, office equipment, and automobiles. You can get the best-quality towels from Softspun which is a leading online store that deals with higher GSM microfibers. Collect super soft cleaning apparatus at competitive rates to get flawless cleansing and detailing of personal possessions.